About the Lincoln Heritage
Funeral Advantage® Program

Like everything today, funeral costs are rising. It’s not uncommon for funeral costs to run tens of thousands of dollars, potentially leaving loved ones with a big financial burden. But there is a simple solution. The Funeral Advantage™ program was designed to be a one stop easy way for Americans ages 40-85 to protect their loved ones from this possible financial hardship.

The Funeral Advantage program has two key components:

The first is a Final Expense Life Insurance Cash Benefit 
that offers easy qualification and a streamlined 
application process.

No health examinations are necessary — only a few health questions on a one-page application. Most people get coverage, even with health issues.

The second is the Family Support Services provided at no additional cost to every policyholder through the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society® (FCGS). Upon the death of a Funeral Advantage policyholder, a live representative from the FCGS is ready to go into action on your family’s behalf to help surviving loved ones cope with the many details that immediately arise.